- McAfee Activate Product Key

McAfee Activate 25 Digit Code - Activate McAfee is the official page from where you can choose your own security package and get started with it. Because McAfee offers a range of products, users can pick any as per the choice. Protection of business data or personal is an ideal choice if you pick categorized plan.

Why choose McAfee activate plans?

The risk of online scams has increased since the past few years. Thankfully, the concept of antivirus has been introduced parallel. Antivirus software is designed to block the access of infected programs. But, not all the antivirus work so effectively. It must scan the files in minimal time and take instant action against it. And such features are represented by McAfee antivirus.

What more you will get with McAfee activate?

  • Instant action against viruses or any infected file
  • Blocks malicious websites and emails
  • Even scans external devices
  • Warns about unsecured public networks
  • Onetime subscription for multiple devices
  • Compatible with OS like, Windows, Mac, Android, Blackberry, and iOS

More services that are sophisticated are there. To unlock them, take a step ahead and install McAfee activate Windows, Mac and other devices.

Process of getting started with McAfee security:

  • Step 1: Create an account on
  • Step 2: Enter McAfee 25 digit activation code
  • Step 3: Download McAfee activate
  • Step 4: Install and activate McAfee

Therefore, to begin with the process, you must sign up for McAfee my account on Enter all the required details and then choose a product that you want to buy. As you proceed to buy it, you will need to fill-in your payment details. Complete the payment and then carry out the process to download it.

In case you have brought a McAfee retail card activation code, then follow the steps manually as mentioned.

How to download McAfee activate on computer?

  1. Redeem McAfee activate product key from the retail card
  2. Locate the code at mcafee com activate
  3. Click submit
  4. Sign in to your account. In case you do not have an existing account then create one
  5. If you are asked to re-enter the code, perform the step
  6. On the next tab, you will have the option to download McAfee antivirus

After you download McAfee activate on your pc, you can now proceed to install it. But, if you have a pre-installed McAfee product and you want to install it with product key, make sure you have the key first.

How to install McAfee with activation code?

  1. Open McAfee activate package from the downloaded folder
  • If you want to install the software using a CD/ DVD that open Windows Explorer> My computer> open newly appeared driver
  1. Run the installation setup
  2. Enter McAfee 25 digit code in the field
  3. Complete the process of installation

Once done, open the app on the screen and allow permissions or turn on suggested settings for better protection.

On the other hand, if you have been using free antivirus, which is now expired, then make sure to renew the software. Outdated or inactive antivirus will not protect you from any risks. Thus, it is crucial to choose to install McAfee with activation code.

How to install McAfee on Mobile device?

The process to install the antivirus is similar as other apps. Yet, account sync is an added step you need to perform for licensing.

  1. Open Google play store and search for McAfee mobile security
  2. Install the app
  3. Launch the app and permit the access you are asked for
  4. From the left pane, expand more option and select login
  5. Log in to your account associated with
  6. Also, enter the activation code and sync your profile

You can now leverage the mobile protection services by the antivirus. Moreover, it will help you to ward off the trouble of slow performance or cloud storage security. In case of any error, take assistance from the experts or go to the knowledge center of activate page.

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